spotclean machines


Spotclean Drycleaners opened its doors in June 2002.  It’s a member of the Dry Cleaning And Laundry Institute, in Maryland, USA.

Spotclean Drycleaners offers premium dry cleaning in and around Kampala, Uganda.

We value your garments; when you drop off your clothes you’re guaranteed peace of mind. Our staff is skilled at stain removal and pressing.

Going Green

Spotclean is proud to be an environmentally safe cleaner that has been promoting recycling since we opened in 2002! We recycle all of your hangers and the plastic bags that protect your clothes. Each of our retail locations have a recycle station in which you can drop off your hangers and plastic. For every couple of the blue pvc hangers you get a discount off your next order. Ask our Front Desk Representatives.

For special care and spotless clothes, you can always count on Spotclean Drycleaners! Contact us.