General Questions

 Despite the name, dry cleaning is not completely dry. Fluids are used in the dry-cleaning process. Instead of using water, a non-flammable, synthetic solvent called perchloroethylene or perc is used in most dry-cleaning plants. A machine that looks like a giant washer is one major difference. By removing or not using any liquid that contains water, garments that contain wool, silk can be cleaned without shrinkage thus extending their life.

The simple answer a lot of factors go into whether a stain will come out or not. Some stains are permanent, some stains can be ‘set’ by improper stain removal, and some stains cannot be removed due to the stability of the other dyes (the dyes that are supposed to be there) in the garment. We however employ the best cleaning methods available; we use clean solvent in each load, our stain removal specialists have many years of experience along, and we stay current with new clothing trends. All these tools give us the highest chance for success in stain removal.

We take precautions to minimize any potential damage as we use gentle solvents and cleaning methods that are suitable for various fabric types to ensure the longevity of your garments. To extend the life of your clothes, it's a good idea to follow the care instructions provided by the garment manufacturer. Some fabrics are delicate and may require less frequent dry cleaning, while others can withstand more frequent cleaning. Additionally regular maintenance, such as proper storage and gentle handling, also play a role in preserving the lifespan of your garments.

Many people do not realize that prolonged contact with deodorants and antiperspirants may cause permanent damage. Combined with the effects of perspiration, the damage can be extensive. The most frequent damage is caused by overuse anti-perspirants and deodorants, or infrequent cleanings. This leads to the buildup of a stiff, caked-up residue on the fabric.

To prevent chemical damage, do not overuse these deodorants. Allow the applied deodorant to dry before dressing. It is advisable to wear dress shields with silk garments or a light under garment t-shirt when wearing shirts.